Our innovative performing arts program keeps at risk and underserved youth engaged through dance and theatre arts, and give them opportunities for creative expression.  This unique program keeps youth off the street, away from drugs and gangs, out of trouble and encourage them to stay in school and complete their education.

Youth are taught beyond the performing arts.  They are immersed in an environment that challenge and strengthen them to build confidence, self-discipline, learn teamwork skills, take responsibility for their actions and contribute in a meaningful way to their family and community.

Through group therapy sessions youth are given the necessary tools for problem solving, empowering their voice to avoid negative peer pressure, and learn how to engage in positive social behavior.


Stage performances in front of a live audience is an exciting experience for youth and instills a passion for the art of dancing, acting and performing.  They will have a chance to perform in a dramatic production and musical, and participate in a dance performance wearing beautiful costumes.  Dancers and actors learn the positive aspects of working as a team to create the best end result for a professional quality show.  They gain self-confidence that will benefit them in all aspects of school and life.

A number of studies has shown that the performing arts benefits children academically, and have a positive influence on student behavior and school climate.

Dance is a fun way for youth to express their creativity, build self-assurance, positive self-expression, mental focus, discipline, flexibility, agility, balance, strength, stay healthy and active, and learn social etiquette.  It comes as no surprise that dance has been used to help train elite athletes in sports like swimming, football and basketball.

Theatre Arts nourishes the imagination and help children learn how to “think outside the box.”  They become a character in a play or musical and learn not only how to express themselves, but how to deal with complex emotional issues and use critical thinking to solve problems.   Theatre Arts improve reading comprehension, high academic achievement, speaking abilities, gains in self-esteem and motivation, social skills and tolerance.

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Community partnerships are vital in helping intervention programs achieve their goals.  If your business, organization, or school serves at-risk youth please contact us at (770) 787-4333 to discuss how to become a community partner.