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Rhythm Elements 

Dance Studio​

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An ongoing series of informational entries

Our Latest Blog Entry

February, 2021


Special recognition goes to all the Brown Ballerinas who paved the way decades ago.  Raven Wilkinson, who appears with Misty Copeland in A Ballerina’s Tale, was one of the first African American ballerinas permitted to join a ballet company.  During the 1950s, she danced with the Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo under the condition that she pose as a white woman by painting her face.  After two years of increasing racial discrimination, including threats in the South, she left Ballets Russes and eventually landed a spot in the Dutch National Ballet.  Source: Craig Phillips (Independent Lens)

What to Watch: Women's History Month

March, 2021

By Beatrice Alvarez

Every March since 1987, Congress and U.S. Presidents have designated the month as Women's History Month.  This year, we are celebrating the accomplishments and vital contributions of women in history with documentaries and stories that center women's experiences in history.

Everyone can enjoy and learn something new from this collection of stories by women and about women.  To learn more about the documentaries, please click on the link below.


April is Stress Awareness Month

April, 2021

We all experience a small amount of stress once in awhile.   However, when it piles up, too much stress can be detrimental to our physical health and emotional wellbeing.  Our Stretch Your Way to Calmness Class will help you: 1) Relieve stress and release tension, 2) elevate your mood, 3) keep better posture and alignment in your spine, 4) improve your quality of sleep, 5) increase blood circulation, 6) gain flexibility, and 7) perform daily activities with more ease and less pain. 

This is not a Yoga class, but a fun stretching class with lots of great benefits!

For class details and to sign up, please call (770) 787-4333.  Invite your Friends and Family to join you. 

#NationalStressAwarenessMonth #StressAwarenessMonth 

Dance Teacher Day 

May, 2021

Our teachers are amazing educators in their own right and we're so proud to have some of the best in the business teaching at Rhythm Elements.  We appreciate all of our teachers, their passion and dedication for what they do, and the support they give to the studio and to our students.  Thank you for the impact you make on students, in and outside of the classroom.  We are blessed to have you on our team! #TeacherAppreciation

Let's get outdoors

June, 2021

We are so excited to celebrate National Great Outdoors Month for June 2021! We hope you plan outdoor activities for your family.  Have fun exploring the beautiful parks in your city, botanical gardens, go camping, hike or bike the trails, kayak or canoe the many rivers and canyons.  

It’s also a great way to inspire children in the importance of outdoor play.  For some families, screen time has slowly taken over their lives.  Detoxing your child from electronic devices has many benefits.  It will help their development and behavior, improve social skills, increase their ability to read the emotional expressions of others, and adjust their behavior accordingly. 

Studies also show green spaces—playing in the grass or around trees—improves attention span and reduces stress.  Other studies have linked outdoor play to improved problem-solving skills, creative thinking, and safety skills.  Studies Credit:


Household Chore List

July 2021

Household Chore List

By Kathleen Roberts

You'll love this concise and clear approach to household chores, and how to get the family involved in maintaining a clean, and organized home.  Click link for details.

Fall Season Safety Tips

August 2021

Fall Season Safety Tips

By Kate Miller-Wilson

We love the Fall Season Safety Tips that will keep you and your family safe at home and on the road.  Read about it at this link:

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September 2021

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (CCAM) is recognized every September by childhood cancer organizations around the world.

With a goal to increase awareness and raise funds for those affected by childhood cancer, the American Childhood Cancer Organization encourages everyone to Go Gold® during September in honor and in memory of kids with cancer!

Learn more at

Welcome October

October 2021

It is officially October! We hope you'll enjoy the beautiful autumn leaves, cozy weather, and make time to set new goals and plans.  We are wishing all of you a very happy and successful October.


November 2021

Please join us in supporting Small Business Saturday on November 27th.  Help your community thrive! Research shows that small businesses, 1) Create jobs, 2) local businesses care about your community - 92% of all small business owners personally donate to charities and non-profit organizations, over half encourage their employees to volunteer their time, and many support local causes, 3) buying local keeps the money in your neighborhood - $68 of every $100 spent at a local independent store is reinvested in the community versus $43 with a larger retailer, and 4) personalized customer service – Independent business owners care about the people in the neighborhoods they serve, often delivering exceptional, personalized and sometimes unexpected customer service.  (Research Credit: Bill Ebersole)

National Short Film Day

December 2021

On December 28th, National Short Film Day commemorates the day the motion picture industry was born, when the Lumière brothers projected a program of short films to a public audience for the first time.

In 1895 at the Grand Café in Paris, two brothers sparked the world’s love of cinema.  Auguste and Louis Lumière brought that fascination to life first in a paying audience of 33 customers.  That day, the film pioneers presented 10 short films, each about 50 seconds in length.  To the amazement of all those in attendance, the brothers captured everyday events on film and played them back as moving pictures.  The experience of “watching movies” came alive that day.  And it all began with those first 10 short films.

Today, short films come in many genres, lengths, and styles.  They entertain us with animation, fantasy, comedy, and drama.  They also inform and educate us through documentary subjects that provide revealing insights into real-life stories we may have never known before.

In short, short films continue to move us, just as they did that first time over 120 years ago! (Source: National Day Calendar) 

The Altivola Theatre Ensemble, in conjunction with Rhythm Elements Dance Studio, is working on it's next riveting short film.  If you have a passion for acting for stage and on-camera work, join the Altivola Theatre Ensemble.   Registering aspiring actors ages 7 years to adult.  Beginners welcome.  Call (770) 787-4333 today!