Rhythm Elements 

Dance Studio​

Class Description

All dance, acting and tumbling classes begins with a warm-up and stretching section.  It's very important that students not miss the class warm-ups.                                                                   


The Combo Ballet/Tap Class is a child's first introduction to how fun dance can be.  Ballet enhances a child’s posture, grace, poise, coordination, balance, flexibility and musicality.  In the tap portion of the class, students will learn simple tap steps and use their feet to create rhythmic patterns and timely beats.  Dance combinations are taught in both forms of dance.


Considered the true foundation for most dance disciplines, ballet is essential to a dancer’s overall progress.  Class include barre work to both slow and fast exercises, followed by center and across the floor work.  Emphasis will be placed on the discipline of classical ballet technique, correct body placement, posture, arm and head movements, musicality, and mastering the steps.  Ballet builds strength, flexibility and balance that can be applied in other dance classes.  Class time will periodically be devoted to the written as well as spoken French ballet terminology.


Students must be recommended by an instructor to study pre-pointe and show promise in technique and strength in legs, ankles and muscles.  This class emphasizes strengthening technique, balance and knowledge of pointe work.  Students will incorporate ballet technique training during pre-pointe.  Must complete a full year of training before receiving first pair of pointe shoes, and must be currently enrolled in ballet classes.


Students must have 3 or more years of ballet, and is currently taking a minimum of two ballet classes.  Pointe readiness is determined by the instructor, and working with a physiotherapist.  


An upbeat, high energy class that helps students develop rhythm and style.  Emphasis is on basic skills, Classic jazz technique and contemporary dance forms.  Students are introduced to progressions, turns, rhythmic combinations using various music and Jazz dance technique.


We offer a blend of styles ranging from the classic Broadway Tap moves of Thoroughly Modern Millie, the pure art and coolness of Sophisticated Ladies, and the high energy rhythm tap of Bring in Da`Noise Bring in Da ‘Funk.  Class will focus on basic skills of tap dance both in the center, and across the floor work that will include more complex combinations and turns.


Lyrical is based in ballet and modern dance with the more free-form structure of jazz dance, and is generally performed to slower music.  Lyrical is often used to express emotion, or tell a story by interpreting the music and words of a song.  This class develops strength, flexibility and balance.  Students must have a strong ballet base, and be familiar with modern dance movements.  This is an excellent class for students who want to explore different ways to express their feelings and emotions through their dance.


Ever-evolving, contemporary is a genre and covers different styles of dance: 1) Combining the strong but controlled legwork of ballet, 2) with modern dance emphasis on the torso employing contract-release, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation characteristics of modern dance, and 3) African dance dynamic use of levels (bent knees) are some of the characteristics that makes up this intricate dance style. 


Students learn the elements of street style hip-hop posture, arms, feet work, rhythm, music interpretation, timing, precision, undulations, articulations, turns, jumps, kicks, fluid motion and natural styling to enhance free-styling skills.  Dancers are taught high energy choreography based on musicality, and the famous The Swagger Crew style and others.


A fusion of Jazz dance technique with the attitude of the street style of Hip-Hop dance.  Street Jazz can be seen in the Pop music industry, videos and TV commercials.  Street Jazz is funky, energetic and full of swag. 



These classes explore the traditional West African dance rhythms through movement, songs and music.  The class is high energy and accompanied by Djembe beats drumming.  No previous experience necessary.  All ages and abilities welcome.


Students will learn the basics of the theatre process and terminology in our dynamic acting program.  Improvisation, script analysis, scene study, stage direction, memorization and stage craft will be covered.  On-camera training for film, television and commercials offered.  Audition grooming provided.  Students will be notified of auditions/casting calls.  Theatre students have opportunities for stage performances and more.


Rhythm Storm is a performance only team and does not compete.  Dancers perform four to six times per year throughout the community presenting choreographic work in contemporary ballet, jazz, and hip-hop.  Rhythm Storm offer students the opportunity to gain additional performance experience, and be a part of a dedicated group of dancers.  In addition to weekly dance technique classes, they must also attend weekly rehearsals.  Dancers learn discipline, teamwork, and showmanship while representing Rhythm Elements Dance Studio in the Metro Atlanta area.


Modernicity is a pre-professional dance company that prepare company members for dancing in college or professionally.  There is a strong focus on training in classical ballet, pointe, jazz, Horton based modern, contemporary, tap, hip-hop, and stretch & strengthening.  Students are given broad and diverse training, and challenging choreography to help them meet the demands of the dance world.  They rehearse for several performances a year, and train in an atmosphere that promotes artistic excellence and growth.  



The technique class is for dancers who want to push themselves further in their dance training.  The class is devoted to helping dancers improve their technical elements of dance in ballet, jazz and contemporary.  This class is invaluable for gaining clean technique and more precision.  Stretch and strengthening is also combined to improve dancers’ power, grace and flexibility.  Students will work on turns, jumps, leaps, splits, kicks and tricks. 


The classes incorporates moves from ballet to upbeat music and give you a total body workout based on cardio, strength training and core conditioning.  Improve balance and flexibility.  Ballet Barre target specific muscle groups such as the arms, back muscles, hips, abs and glutes.  A fun aerobic workout that burn calories and lengthen and strengthen muscles. 


Stretching is a form of exercise that can lead to an increase in flexibility.  It will help you burn calories at a faster rate than you usually would, and it will allow your entire body to lose weight better.  Stretching also reduces the risk of injury, and decreases muscle tension in your body.  


Zumba is a fun fitness program that combines Latin and international music with easy to learn dance moves.  No dance experience needed.  Just follow along to the clear directions given by the Zumba instructor, and adjust the movements as needed for your body.  Zumba take the "work" out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party.  Zumba routines incorporate interval training — alternating fast and slow rhythms — and resistance training.  Zumba will boost your energy, cardio endurance and mood.  Be sure to invite your family and friends to join you.  


Body Mize is a low and high-impact dance workout designed for the curvy woman.  All body types welcome to join the class.  No dance experience necessary, and you can set your own pace.  The easy to follow moves will burn calories, tone your muscles, lift your mood and improve strength and coordination.  Include nutrition classes.  Get fit and blast those calories away.  Light hand weights used.  You'll be having so much fun, you won’t even realize you’re exercising! All abilities welcome, from beginner to advanced levels.  Bring your friends, socialize and help each other meet your fitness goals together through dance.


Our social ballroom classes will have you looking great on the dance floor at weddings, anniversaries, cruises, dance events and parties.  You will learn basic Ballroom patterns in Waltz, Foxtrot, American Tango, Bolero, Cha-Cha and East Coast Swing.   All classes will focus on movement skills, social dance combinations and leading/following.  Ballroom Dancing improves coordination, balance, helps you stay active and lose weight.  Dance is mentally stimulating.  According to research studies, ballroom dancing can help reduce the onset of dementia, and improve conditions such as Huntington and Parkinson diseases.  Beginner, Intermediate and advanced levels taught.  


We'll help make your big day special, memorable and create the wedding dance of your dreams! We specialize in the Bride and Groom 'first dance' and will choreograph an exciting, fun routine to the song of your choice.  We also offer lessons for Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, Groomsmen/Bridesmaids and Family dances.

This is my child's first year at Rhythm Elements and she absolutely loves it! I recommend it highly.  

―Jess A.