Rhythm Elements 

Dance Studio​

Competition Dance Team

We are an award-winning competition dance team with the highest quality choreographers, who are leaders in the dance industry.

Participation in competitions build self-esteem, commitment, dedication, discipline and teamwork ― important skills that benefit dancers throughout their life.  Team members will train for regional and national competitions.


Congratulations to our Dance Team for winning several awards and placing in the top ten.  If you are a serious dancer (male or female) interested in taking your dance skills to the next level, our dynamic competition team is for YOU! 

We are looking for dancers with: 1) positive attitude, 2) passionate about performing, 3) driven and committed, 4) energetic, and 5) who regard dance as their most important extra-curricular activity.

Our teams consist of the follow age groups:

● Mini (ages 5-7)

● Junior (ages 8-12)

● Senior (ages 13-16)

We do not hold auditions.  Dancers will be evaluated in class on their performance.  No tryouts required for our Petite Mini Team.  Call us at (770) 787-4333 if you would love to be a part of our exciting Petite Mini Team.


We do not believe in “winning at all costs.”  At Rhythm Elements, we choose to focus on excellence and having fun while competing.  Although our choreographers have produced many top scores and trophies, our achievements are not based on the number of trophies won.  We want students to enjoy themselves, do their very best, and be proud of their accomplishments.

Dancers will compete in two regional competitions and one national competition.  We support our students goals to give back to the community through performances at special events and professional venues.  They will also be part of our annual year-end dance showcase production.  Other opportunities include exposure in the entertainment industry.